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Lattes with Logan: DIY Lattes for the Recessed Latte Liberal April 28, 2009

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Ever since I got put on half-time for half-pay because of the Recession, I’ve been saving money wherever possible. One way I save a ton of money is by making my own lattes in the morning. I didn’t spend hundreds of dollars on a latte machine either. Instead, I use some very simple tools and ingredients to make a yummy latte for less than $1 per day. Check it out:

Bonjour Primo latte frother | Stove top espresso maker

(Please excuse the poor title slides and credit slides. I’m still learning how to use iMovie!)


Slate’s Interactive Job Loss Map April 23, 2009

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Slate’s Interactive Job Loss map is so freaking cool and informative. It shows the job gains and losses over the last two and a half years. Notice how the Bay Area kept posting job gains until about August 2008? The losses really pile up in tech-heavy SF around November/December 2008. That about sums up my experience with incoming projects too. We were pretty busy through about August/September of 2008 and then things slowed waaay down. And, they’ve stayed slow. No wonder! Now I have the big red circle on the map to validate that I’m not alone.

Make sure to click over to Slate and interact with the map yourself!

interactive-job-loss-map-slate’s Great Map of Stimulus Job Creation

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Check out the map (below) that featured on where the stimulus jobs will be created. What’s more, over at their site they show a table with unemployment numbers and number of jobs created. Definitely worth taking a look at.


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Small(er) World April 22, 2009

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earthThe global economy is shrinking for the first time since World War II, the AP reports. Economists at the IMF are predicting between  a 1.5 and 2% reduction.. This translates to fifteen to twenty-five million people who will lose their jobs. That figure, of course, should be added to the millions already out of work.

I think this is a good time for questioning. It’s time to ask ourselves what kind of economic system we want and what foundation it will be built upon. The environmentally destructive consumer industry we’ve developed in the last half-century has proven to be unsustainable in more ways than one.

I will never forget October 23, 2008, when Allan Greenspan admitted that he had “found a flaw,” in the capitalist free market ideology. It was the first time in my life any institutional representative had ever admitted the possibility of an imperfection in the system we generally hold in high esteem. While I subscribe to capitalism (if only because I’ve generally personally benefited from the system), I do think honest, non-politicized dialogue about economic ideas are important. Cheer leading one system, without regard for the negative side affects of that system, is ludicrous.

I wonder how we can do it better.


Luck April 21, 2009

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1-execpayI’m happy to be working again. It feels good to be productive, to be earning money and to have some sense of security. Over the last week I’ve realized, however, that it’s very easy to quickly get caught up in work and the rat race and forget or ignore what other people are going through.

I was struck by the individual stories in the NYTimes segment, Living with Less, about how individuals being affected. They profile Mark Cooper, for example, who used to be an executive at a Fortune 500 company managing over 250 people. Now he’s working as a janitor to ensure he keeps health insurance since his wife is a breast cancer survivor and won’t be insurable, if they go uninsured even temporarily. Closer to home, one of my good friends’ father, who used to own a BMW dealership, is now delivering newspapers.

I can’t and won’t take having a job for granted and I won’t forget that I’m lucky to have found work.’s Visual Guide to the Real Unemployment Rate

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This is absolutely awesome. I love’s blog!


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The Real Unemployment Rate? Try 15.6% April 20, 2009

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Via Catherine Holahan on MSN Money:

An 8.5% unemployment rate is unmistakably bad. It’s the highest rate since 1983 — a year that saw double-digit unemployment, nearly 30 commercial bank failures and more than 15% of Americans living below the poverty line.

But the real national unemployment rate is far worse than the U.S. Department of Labor’s March figure, announced today, shows. That’s because the official rate doesn’t include the 3.7 million-plus people who are reluctantly working only part time because of the poor labor market. And it doesn’t include the workers who have given up scouring want ads for seemingly nonexistent jobs.

When those folks are added to the numbers, the unemployment rate rises to 15.6%. In March 2008, that number was 9.3%. more…

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