Recessed, not Depressed

1, 2, 4, 3 March 31, 2009

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Write this number down. This is a very important and special code you may need, if you ever find yourself unemployed. These are the menu options you’ll need for calling California’s Employment Development Department about your unemployment insurance.

Knowing these menu option ahead of time will save you from having to listen to the long messages and menu options you’re otherwise forced to listen to. 1, 2, 4, 3 will take you directly to the automatic message letting you know their lines are too busy and you’ll have to call back after the recession.

Remembering 1,2,4,3 is sure to save you five minutes and ensure you won’t have to speak to anyone.


Famous for Not Being Famous

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queertyThe major LGBT news and pop culture blog, Queerty profiled me and Recessed in their column Average ‘Mo, which ran today. The column is focused on non-celebrities in the LGBT community. Check it out.

A special thanks and photo credit go out to my friend Tony for the awesome photo of me he took, featured on Queerty.

Update: My favorite comment came from my best friend Kenny: I like how upfront they are in letting you know that “the following is not a politician, stud or celebrity, and doesn’t have ripped abs.”


Resume Stats March 29, 2009

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statisticsSince March 13th, 190 people have viewed my resume online at If one assumes the job search process is a numbers game, based on how many contacts one can make, this feels like a good number. I can’t imagine even just ten years ago any system that would allow me a way to get my resume in the hands of nearly 200 people so quickly. Thank you Internet!

Of course the Internet isn’t useful unless you know how to use it. I credit my success so far with effective use of online promotion through social media. Actively using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn as well as e-mail and this blog allowed me to reach my friends and acquaintances.

I’m not positive what makes someone click, but I think it has to do with good-old-fashioned-concern. Most people would like to help, if they can. Of course some people probably just want to see my resume to find out what my GPA really was.


Recessinista March 28, 2009

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recessionistaMy friend Kevin taught me a new word and a new level of fabulousness to aspire to, recessinista:

A person who is able to stick to a tight budget while still managing to dress stylishly.

On the left is Kevin in his favorite two dollar Goodwill polo. On the right, a 75 dollar Ralph Lauren Polo.

Thanks, Kevin!


The Dating Game

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As seen on Loganotron.


Jobs I’m Not Qualified For March 27, 2009

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The economy seems really good right now for bearded women.


A Vacation?

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vacation_965867In my toastmaster’s group last night, one of the newer Toastmasters delivered a speech and mentioned how she has recently been laid off. She said that at first she was quite upset, but then realized it was kind of like a government sponsored vacation.

I have to disagree with my fellow toastmaster. While I definitely believe that there’s no reason to be dour about the situation, I don’t believe it’s a vacation. Vacations are planned and they’re a break from stress. Unemployment carries with it a certain level of stress, unless you’re independently wealthy.

It’s true, I should soon be receiving unemployment insurance benefits. This will be a big help. Still, it won’t be enough to cover rent and other bills and it won’t last forever. In my case it will just about cover rent and nothing more for six months, before I’ve used it all up.