Recessed, not Depressed

My First Advice March 12, 2009

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att_logoI’m not an unemployment expert – yet – but I’ve figured out one important thing so far. Even in America, you can bargain. Starting last week, I called every company I pay a bill to and was able to significantly lower my monthly costs.

I learned to bargain from my mom who grew up overseas. You don’t want to mess with a Jewish woman who learned to barter in Bangkok, let me tell you! The most important thing is to start low. I told each company that I was going to cancel my service. AT&T, who provides my Internet, offered me Internet at half price for the next six months. XM Radio (which is definitely a luxury, I admit) offered me service for the next six months for $15. Total.

My landlord said she’d have to get back to me on adjusting rent. I guess this will be a test of how the housing market is holding up. Stay tuned…


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