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Recessed March 12, 2009

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Welcome to Recessed, the blog tracking my journey through unemployment.

My good friend and manager, Alicia, took me to coffee this morning to break the bad news. It was nice of her to pay, knowing that I’d be on a tight budget starting today.

I was assured that it wasn’t personal and doesn’t reflect my work, it’s simply a matter of numbers. The recession slowed business down considerably and therefore cuts were necessary; I feel like a number, as Bob Segar would say.

I’ve got a few pennies saved up and the company was nice enough to provide me with a severance, so I’ll be able to hold up for a little while. Still, I’m privileged to live in one of the greatest – and most expensive – cities in America, so rent isn’t cheap. I’ll need a job before too long or some major adjustments will need to be made.

Today I’m very optimistic. Despite the general economic trends, I have a lot of confidence in myself. I have some great work experience, awesome references and a solid education backing me up. I’m also a people person and I don’t mind networking, schmoozing and making deals happen.

I’m looking for a job in public affairs, government relations, politics or government. I’m also open about other things I may not have even considered. Please feel free to email me with your jobs, ideas and suggestions.


4 Responses to “Recessed”

  1. jobseeker Says:

    If you’re not already on it, is a good networking tool. For one thing, you can automatically search your personal email lists to find other members that you already know.

  2. Niels Says:

    Hi Shane,
    Have you seen this series:

    Much of this you will know and some of it might provide good ideas.
    Good luck

  3. Mom Says:

    This is so impressive and pure genius! Once you get your job, publish in hard copy.

    Love you,

  4. David Dumais Says:

    Hi Shane – I was unemployed for 5 months in 2006. The best advice someone gave me from the get go, “get out of the house !” Go to the library, hang out at the LGBT Center, hangout at cafes, nothing ever happens at home! Setup informational interviews and remember the rule, the informational interview is for the info NOT to ask for a job. Volunteer! Do something everyday. The art museums all have a free day. Give speeches about it at TM (I gave two speeches about my unemployment experience). I even talked about my unemployment at Weight Watchers meetings. . . everywhere you go let people know your situation (but don’t ask for a job). Just put yourself out there . . . and roll with the punches. Take a risk. Are you still reading this? Get up and go walk arournd the block, do it now! and say hello to a complete stranger.

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