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Rules for the Road March 20, 2009

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Taking a little vacation time has given me an opportunity to reflect and recharge. It’s made me even more thankful for everything I have (an amazing family, a wonderful boyfriend and fantastic friends) and excited for the adventure ahead. It’s also given me time to develop a list rules for the road ahead, which I plan to follow as I work on finding a job:

  1. Always accept any networking connection offered. Finding a new job is surely a networking proposition and a numbers game. Already people have offered to introduce me to their friends/acquaintances/colleagues/etc. Some of these seem like great leads, some don’t seem like they’ll get me anywhere. No matter what my preconceptions are, I plan to follow-up with these people. Who knows where it might lead.
  2. Listen to advice. Part of networking is explaining your situation. Invariably people will offer you advice. They’ll critique your resume, offer job suggestions, tell you how to network, etc. It’s easy to let one’s ego get in the way and feel like the advice being given is superfluous to what one already knows. I’m practicing on listening to all the advice being given and doing my best to really consider it and apply it when I can.
  3. Never turn down free food.
  4. Use my powers for good, not evil. The adventure ahead is certain to be trying at times. My goal is to always apply my nervous energy, my anger or other negative emotions to good use by being productive (apply to job, volunteering, networking).
  5. Stay positive. This is a bit like #4, but more specifically focused on my outlook. Staying positive will be very important for creating positive energy. Positive energy is important, because, well, no one wants to hire someone who’s negative and desperate. There’s strength in positivity whereas negativity demonstrates a lack of self confidence.

4 Responses to “Rules for the Road”

  1. Kevin Says:

    I like #3. You should send that to all my friends with jobs. 😉

  2. Jessica Says:

    If you don’t already know, here is a great job board for interactive and progressive organizing.

  3. Mom Says:

    Sage advice! I’m enjoying following your journey!
    Love you!

  4. Jeremy Says:

    Never EVER turn down free food.

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