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COBRA March 24, 2009

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240px-indiancobraHere’s a trick I learned from living in DC, it’s great for cocktail parties. Whenever someone tells you where they work, you repeat the acronym for their organization back to them. This makes them think you know of it. For example:

“I just started at the Center for Realizing America’s Potential.”

“Oh, CRAP?”

“Yeah,  you’ve heard of it!?”

It works every time.

This exercise has made me really consider acronyms, like the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act or COBRA. COBRA refers to the federal law that allows employees the option of continuing their health plan on their own dime if they’ve lost their job for a number of different reasons. I qualify for COBRA.

I’m not quite sure of the brilliance of naming a supposedly helpful program after a venemous killer reptile. However, it may be rather apt. As I learned today, paying out of pocket for my health care is unaffordable as long as I don’t have an income. Even with unemployment insurance.

There is a bit of bright news. Thanks to Obama’s stimulus package, COBRA is now covering 65% of my insurance cost. This is certainly a huge help. I still have to decide whether it’s worth it, however. If I choose to pay for health care through COBRA it will be my most expensive monthly bill (by far), after rent.

I have personally seen the tragedy that can happen when someone gets extremely ill and doesn’t have health insurance. On the other hand, I’m young and healthy and I might be able to survive temporarily without it.

I don’t believe anyone should have to gamble their future on the hope they won’t get sick or hurt. Everyone deserves healthcare, it should be a civil right.


3 Responses to “COBRA”

  1. Todd Says:

    I agree! I don’t want full-blown socialism, I personally would just prefer the universal health care, and free education to all forms of education to those who desire it, and perform well.

    Great blog, Shane! Read it from bottom to top just now. See you sometime this summer. xox

  2. philjav Says:

    take it. you never know when you’ll get hit by a bus.

  3. Andrew Jones Says:

    a) The cocktail party trick only works if you’re sober enough to figure out someone’s acronym.

    b) Oftentimes COBRA is more expensive than individual health insurance plans. I got my health insurance after listening to this story on Morning Edition: lets you compare plans. At the very least you can see if you can save a bit of cash.

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