Recessed, not Depressed

A Vacation? March 27, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — shanemayer @ 4:37 pm

vacation_965867In my toastmaster’s group last night, one of the newer Toastmasters delivered a speech and mentioned how she has recently been laid off. She said that at first she was quite upset, but then realized it was kind of like a government sponsored vacation.

I have to disagree with my fellow toastmaster. While I definitely believe that there’s no reason to be dour about the situation, I don’t believe it’s a vacation. Vacations are planned and they’re a break from stress. Unemployment carries with it a certain level of stress, unless you’re independently wealthy.

It’s true, I should soon be receiving unemployment insurance benefits. This will be a big help. Still, it won’t be enough to cover rent and other bills and it won’t last forever. In my case it will just about cover rent and nothing more for six months, before I’ve used it all up.


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