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Resume Stats March 29, 2009

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statisticsSince March 13th, 190 people have viewed my resume online at If one assumes the job search process is a numbers game, based on how many contacts one can make, this feels like a good number. I can’t imagine even just ten years ago any system that would allow me a way to get my resume in the hands of nearly 200 people so quickly. Thank you Internet!

Of course the Internet isn’t useful unless you know how to use it. I credit my success so far with effective use of online promotion through social media. Actively using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn as well as e-mail and this blog allowed me to reach my friends and acquaintances.

I’m not positive what makes someone click, but I think it has to do with good-old-fashioned-concern. Most people would like to help, if they can. Of course some people probably just want to see my resume to find out what my GPA really was.


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