Recessed, not Depressed

People Who Need People April 1, 2009

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cranio_shaneSo often we don’t experience the news we read; the intellectual exercise of reading a newspaper doesn’t usually feel like something we’re personally living through. Being unemployed now, however represents a personal challenge that is part of the national crisis I’m constantly reading about.

During these tough times, it becomes more important than ever to help thy neighbor. I have been overwhelmed by the love, support and help my family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances have offered. From free lunches to job leads, I could not be more grateful for all I’ve received.

Most recently, my friend and fellow Toastmaster, Joshua Alexander, has offered to help in the best way he can. He’s providing me with a way to thank my friends and readers. Josh a CMT, who was voted Best of the Bay 2008 for massage energy work, is offering his craniosacral services to my friends at any rate they can afford.

I encourage my bay area friends to visit Joshua and let him work his magic. It’ll do you good and it will also help Josh. Win-win.


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