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The Rent Situation April 9, 2009

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rent_title-746747Early on my in unemployment adventure I realized I needed to cut costs as quickly as possible. I mentioned different ways to lower monthly bills and save some cash. I even tried to lower my rent (my largest expense), if only temporarily, not knowing how long I might be out of work. I promised an update so here it is: I could not get my rent lowered.

There are a few reasons for this:

  1. I live in a rent controlled building. The landlord was especially nervous about lowering rent that could never be raised while I live here.
  2. The housing market isn’t so bad in San Francisco that I couldn’t be replaced fairly easily.
  3. I must not have sounded pathetic enough when I called.

All in all, I’m glad I’ve been paying what must be a decent price for a rent controlled space. It would have been difficult to stay here too long without finding a job, however.


2 Responses to “The Rent Situation”

  1. enaede Says:

    I also could not get my rent lowered. In fact, I had a problem this month because my rent is auto debited from the checking account I used to get direct deposit into (ING) and all my cash is in a credit union account. So this month, I was hit with not only a 50$ bounced check fee but 60 bucks in late fees because I didn’t get an email about this til the 6th day. yes my fault but give me a break. Then to pay by phone there was a $20 convenience fee. Just annoying.

    Happy you’re going to be in LA – will keep reading 🙂


  2. Mom Says:

    Typo: Early on my in unemployment
    Love your chutzpah!

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