Recessed, not Depressed

About Shane and This Blog March 12, 2009

I was laid off on March 11, 2009. I’m recessed, but I’m not depressed. Follow my journey through unemployment as I search for a new job.

About me: Born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, The City Different.  In both academic and professional settings, my work has been lauded for its inventiveness and creativity.  I have brought these skills to all endeavors and campaigns, in which communication requires an innovative message and medium.


2 Responses to “About Shane and This Blog”

  1. Sarah Stiles Says:

    Inventive and creative — that’s you Shane. Looks like in the last 2 weeks you have been productive. I hope you find the next job soon. I’m sending you white light. Sarah

  2. vernavob Says:

    I enjoyed the freshness of your blog….I grew up in West Texas…have been to Sante Fe many times… escape the heat…with my family in the 60;s when I was a kid….

    I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your wit…I am also on FB, Twitter, and worpress. I am an Associate Broker and Commercial Specialist. I wanted to get the Green Building ideas across. As I read you writing I was not out to talk to you about it…but I want to reach out to people, young people that will develop my collection of ideas and create web sites and share new ideas for a better world. We have green builders in our office and I have access to the industry, also I think ‘on demand hydrogen’ is the way to go…

    I am not selling anything but Ideas,…I am a realtor in my own town, semi retired….I have just listed 7.9 acres for 1.4 mil…right here in town that is zoned 6 lots per acre….it has a picturesque setting with huge red cedars…I would hate for it to become just another housing project.

    I am rambling…thanks for the little side trip..I am also on the O site……V.

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