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New Résumé! March 15, 2009

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As I mentioned before, it seems like when it comes to resumes, everyone is a critic. I found this awesome website, however, VisualCV, that helps you create really great resumes that live online and export to PDF. Check it out!

VisualCV also allows you to add multimedia, like video and an entire portfolio to your resume. This could be really helpful for people in certain professions with digital work they’d like to showcase.


Resume March 12, 2009

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My absolute least favorite part of searching for a job is dealing with the resume. I’ve had at least five versions. Each version is panned and I’ve had multiple people try to put something together for me they think works – only to be panned by others.

I know I need to improve mine a bit (thank you to Renee and Curtis for their advice today!), but really, it feels like a losing battle sometimes.